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Our quality industry proven steel wall, vinyl liner swimming pools, available in over 200 shapes and sizes, have set the standard in the swimming pool industry. Our steel panel inground pools are a great option for those who are looking for a more custom look. These easy-to-maintain pools are more popular choices for inground pool design because of their lower upfront cost and overall look.

Our selection of vinyl liner pools comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and we offer a variety of liner patterns and accessories to create a more personalized customization that will perfectly fit your personality.

If you’re looking to create a more customized look in your backyard, the steel panel pool is a wonderful and affordable option. Because of their lower upfront cost and overall look, these pools are popular choices for inground pool design.

Cool Water Pools offers the best steel panel pool options on the market today, and they are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and liner patterns, as well as have a number of accessories to choose from to create stunning backyard oasis that perfectly complements your personality.

When you speak with your Cool Water Pools design specialist, you can expect to be shown all of the options available to determine which steel panel pool set up with best fit your backyard. Be sure to browse through our Pools gallery to get some inspiration for your upcoming Cool Water Pools’ project.

Why Steel-Panel Pools?

Steel-panel pools, less labor intensive than concrete pools and are a less expensive method of construction. Traditionally, inground pools feature reinforced walls with vinyl liners. While rectangular pools are the most common, L-shaped, freeform and other shapes are also available.

Since excavation is necessary before installation, these pools will fall into a higher price range than above ground pools. But with that higher, yet affordable price point, you can customize your pool with many options, including new liner patterns and colors, as well as additional features.

Things to Consider

There are many things to consider when designing your custom steel-panel pool, including the following:

Design: Choose from pre-fabricated shapes to fit your backyard, including a classic rectangular configuration to a curvaceous natural-looking lagoon and everything in between. Bench seating and pool covers are also available on most models.

Interior Finish: Choose from up to a dozen different patterns, each available in multi-color selections. Take special care with toys and pets to maintain a puncture-free surface of your liner.

Decking & Coping: You have a number of decking options to choose from – stained concrete, stamped concrete, natural stone, cool deck, deck pavers or tile.

Upgrades & Accessories: It is generally more cost effective to include the extra features you want at the time of initial installation, however, any feature can be added after installation. You can also accessorize your backyard poolscape with volleyball and basketball setups, grills, safety fencing, slides, loungers, automatic covers and outdoor furniture.

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14′ X 28′ swimming pools that we sell for the price of $20,400… installed.

Complete swimming pool system includes: 

  • Big horsepower filter system
  • Aqua-Rite Gold line Salt Generator
  • Polaris w/ booster pump
  • Under water light
  • Walk-in steps
  • Kool-decking